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How to Define Requirements for your Life

04/15/18 | Dana LaRieal Morales

As you go about your day, do you think about your life's requirements? Those things that help provide guidelines for your actions and non-actions? In the world of project management, the definition of requirement(s) in its simplest form is a breakdown of what the Client wants. Now, in using that definition I want to ask you...what are YOUR life's requirements? Have you defined these for yourself? You see many of us are just passing through life without really knowing what we want.

Identify What Is Right or Wrong

How do you really determine what is right and wrong with your life or those people or things in your life if you haven't determined those boundaries yet?  Often we are quick to point fingers at someone else for not meeting our needs or doing what we want them to do, but if YOU don't know...how do you expect those around you to know?

Set Clear Requirements To Provide Clarity

You see, once you have set clear requirements for your life and have shared them with those around you, you will begin to have clarity. You will begin to see what actions you should and shouldn't be taking. Which people should and shouldn't be there. What things you need and what things you don't need in your life.

Regularly Redefine Your Requirements

Now, this is not a hit and quit type of action, in fact, I review and redefine Life Requirements | The Happiness Bucketmy requirements on a regular basis. One of the biggest things I had to learn was that just because I do for someone with a pure heart doesn't mean that they will reciprocate in the same way. I had to not give with the mind of what will be returned but instead give with an open heart because I wanted to.

Change Your Mindset

This changed my mindset to one of servitude. Although those around me didn't understand, it gave me a sense of peace, because I was no longer expecting things in return. I just gave of myself and let my light shine. When I consider what Jesus gave for me, who am I to expect something in return from someone else every time I give/sacrifice of myself.

Give Without Expectations

Once I realized what I really wanted, I was able to give unselfishly and show love without any expectations. Now my friends and family often question why I do certain things knowing the person probably won't reciprocate. I say because I feel it is right. You can't be worried about a person's actions or non-actions. Just know your intentions and that's all that matters.

Ask the Key Question

I encourage you to take time today to think about the question, "What Do You Want". You can ask this question in whatever area you want, in fact, I recommend you begin doing a self-discovery journey so you can answer this question in various areas of your space, life, soul, and business. You will be amazed at the clarity it can give you by just asking yourself the question. Once you get the clarity, don't fight it...just make a plan to make the necessary adjustments to your life.