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How to Organize Your Move with a Floor Plan Map 

03/17/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

Recently, I posted an article titled, 14 Tips When Organizing and Planning A Move.  In it, I mentioned an invaluable tool called a floor map.  This is a rough sketch of how you want the room setup.  Now, this map can be as detailed or as basic as you wish, the main purpose of it is to help those who will be helping you move to know where things should go without your assistance. 

On most move maps you want to focus on the big furniture items and any large electrical items that may need to be connected.  There is nothing like having a ton of help on move day to only realize after everyone is gone that things aren't quite where they need to be. It is so much easier to get the heavy items placed right the first time. 

How to Draw Your Floor Plan

Now, first things first...most of the time I create floor maps with a good ol pencil/pen and a piece of paper. This doesn't have to be to scale nor does it need to be overly complicated. You just want to give a general idea of where things should go.  

On your sketch, you should make it clear where the windows and doors are so those looking at it clearly understand the directions.  Think about the heaviest items in the room and how you ideally want them placed.  Draw or write on the map where these go. (i.e., a square with the word bed in the middle of it). 

Also, designate where you'd like for them to stack the boxes that go with that room.  Ideally again they will be placed against a wall in the space (that doesn't require other items).  No need in having to go through a maze to try and find your bed after a long day of moving.  I would also recommend that you measure your space prior to making your map to ensure your layout will actually work.       

Other Considerations for your Floor Plan

Once you finish drawing your floor map, you should make sure your room color is clearly notated on the page.  We use the color dots you get from office supply stores to label not only the move map but also the boxes that belong in the designated space. 

You will find that most dots are in primary colors, but if you are moving into a larger home you may need to get the pastels too so each room can have a distinct color.  This makes it easy for movers to know where the boxes go and it also makes it easier for you to identify the items in a box from across the room.

Developing Your Master Move Legend

I recommend you develop a few master move legends that just have the room color, name and location (upstairs or downstairs, left or right arrows) so movers can know with a quick glance where they need to go. You know boxes and large furniture are pretty heavy, so no need in prolonging the processes with indecisiveness.  Tape your room maps on the door frame of each room and make sure to strategically place the master maps at key direction points throughout the house. 

Another place where you want to put the move legend is in your storage shelter (if applicable).  It will allow you to identify items quickly at a glance. I hope you have found this moving tip helpful.  If you have, please let me know by commenting below and make sure to signup to regularly receive our organizational tips. I wish you a successful and easy move!