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How to Organize your Closet and Get Rid of the Noise

02/11/18 | Dana LaRieal Morales

. When you enter your closet do you hear yourself saying, "I have nothing to wear!", yet you have a closet full of clothes? This is a problem that many people experience. The truth is you can't see the things you have to wear, because of all the clutter in your closet, which I like to call noise.  Today, let's talk about organizing your closet and getting rid of the noise...setting it free so you can hear (see) the clothes you were meant to wear. As many of you know I had a clothing dilemma due to my weight gain...although I regularly went through my closet I realized I had a lot of excess noise in it.  I had removed most of the too little clothes and put them in bins in our attic, but I still had a number of items in my closet that I skipped over on a daily basis.   It was time for me to facedresses-53319_1280 the reality in my life that I had gained my weight back and although I had a few pieces left from my larger days, many were old and faded, some I just didn't like, but to keep from purchasing something I forced myself to keep the items. Truth is they just frustrated and complicated my mornings and still remained in my closet unworn (well, more like on the floor or in the side chair). One day I had had enough and decided to tackle my closet once and for all! I was determined to set these clothes and myself free.

Organizing Starts with Decluttering

We all want to look nice in our clothes. We want to look sexy and to feel good and the truth is many of the items in my closet did just the opposite of that. I decided to just release those items...one by one. I let my gut and heart guide me, literally and figuratively. I entered my closet and grabbed anything I didn't like.  I grabbed items I regularly skipped over and items I put on and immediately took off...not because I didn't like it, but because it didn't fit properly.  I know you are thinking...but if I do that I wouldn't have anything to wear...I will have to wear the same thing every day!  Well, let me dispel this falsity right now... 1. You weren't wearing it, to begin with, so let it go; 2.  Many people wear the same clothes all the time.  Observe the people around you and you will see that people just alternate and match things in new ways..  Even if they don't so what...DO YOU; 3.  Getting rid of the noise will help you determine what you really need. I decided to live in my now instead of what is to be...yes I'm working on losing weight, but until then I've decided to embrace the body I have and dress it impeccably.  Since organizing my closet, you know what I have experienced???

How Clearing the Noise Helped Me

  • Getting dressed is now easy and fun;
  • I've discovered new combinations of clothing I've never paired together before;
  • People are regularly commenting on how good I look or how nice my outfit is;
  • Many think I have new clothes when they are the same items I've worn for years, just in a bad combination.
[caption id="attachment_3176" align="alignleft" width="225"]IMG_5835 My closet before my purge.[/caption] I encourage you to take a step out on faith and try it...organize your closet today and I promise you, you will feel free! Trust me, you will thank me later. Visually my closet wasn't cluttered, in fact, it was very organized...a bunch of organized noise. Go ahead and tackle your closet today!  I'd love to see your results so feel free to join my Facebook Group to share with the rest of the THB Family so we can cheer you on!  You might also enjoy some of our other post Creating a New Closet System