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Gina Parris - A Lesson Learned Conversation

06/04/20 | Dana LaRieal Morales

I'm so excited to share my lessons learned conversation with, Gina Parris, who is an artist, speaker, and mindset mentor to high-stressed professionals. 

Despite being a public speaker most of her life, Gina found herself one night overcome with panic attacks while taking the stage. The ensuing depression and anxiety finally caused her to flee the career & ministry that she loved. Feeling like a failure, she suffered in silence, while “quitting and panic,” became her bad habits. That began 20 years ago, but after seeing breakthroughs in her own life, Gina began sharing her discoveries.

This quickly opened doors for her to be hired by world-class athletes & change-makers from around the world. She even helped her own son get selected in the Major League Baseball draft. She has now helped thousands of people thrive under pressure- and she’s just getting started.

In this conversation, we have a fun-filled and deep conversation about her entrepreneurial journey. 

Topics Covered:

  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • She practices Energy Therapy
  • Evolution of her career
  • Understanding your internal values and how they can help lead your business processes
  • Listening to your inner voice...(quote?)
  • Business scalability and customer-lead proof of concept
  • Allowing insecurities and fear to guide your steps to become a block or a crutch

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