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How Realness, Consistency, Process and Analytics Can Impact Your Social Media Journey

05/13/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

In this episode, I speak with Karen Yee, who is the Founder of New Futures On Demand.  Karen started her entrepreneurship after quitting both her 8-5 and her toxic relationship.  She believes that everyone has the ability to create a new future with their skillset. 

We go deep during this episode sharing our social media lessons learned.  Trust me this is a really fun conversation as we talk about the bloopers and the realness of trying new things in our business.

During our lessons learned conversation we discuss:

  • How she grew her Facebook Group from 89 people to 1200 people in three months
  • The funny and real lessons learned about going live
  • The impact of being consistent
  • Evaluating your social media analytics

If you'd like to work with Karen, she helps small to medium-sized companies and individuals to build a winning profile and quantum leap their business in a profitable and predictable way.

You can connect with her using the various methods provided below:

Connect with Karen Yee:

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