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How to transition from employee to full-time entrepreneur with Dawn Morris

05/27/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

In this episode, I speak with Dawn Morris, who is the Owner and Chief Training Officer of The World Class Training Institute.  She is also the author of WWBD-What Would Barack Do?  Dawn seeks to transform human capital in organizations, helping to increase productivity, decrease attrition and improve cultural outcomes.

We talk all about her transition from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur, how she wrote her book and so much more.  As always, I recommend you grab your pen and paper so you can take notes because Dawn is dropping a ton of lessons learned during this conversation!

During our lessons learned conversation we discuss:

  • How she navigated her full-time job and working on her side hustle
  • How she financed/bootstrapped her business and her exit plan
  • Her job exitus/transition story
  • Her book writing process
  • and much more

Dawn primarily works with mid to large companies who need a leadership development training resource.  She also puts on virtual and live training sessions along the way.  Definitely reach out to her if you have a need for her services, and consider picking up a copy of her book.  

You can connect with her using the various methods provided below:

Connect with Dawn Morris:

Additional Resources Mentioned:

  • WWBD - What Would Barak Do
  • Dance It Off with Dawn