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Cynthia Miscallef's Money Mindset Lessons Learned for Online Entrepreneurs

06/10/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

For this episode, we are traveling all the way over to Ibiza so we can speak with Mrs. Cynthia Micallef!  

She is an online business mentor who helps women grow and scale their online business by using the power of communities so they can become financially free, on their own terms.  She loves connecting with people, especially in the online space. 

Cynthia loves to talk about the importance of creating balance so we can build our business and not burn out. 

During our lessons learned conversation we discuss:

  • Money Mindset
  • Living Life on Your Own Terms
  • Learning from your failures/mistakes
  • Learning how to pivot in your business
  • How to build an online business

Cynthia works with women who are starting their online service-based business or who have been trying for a while and cannot get clients. She helps them grow their communities and convert them into clients with confidence.

You can connect with her using the various methods provided below:

Connect with Cynthia Micallef: