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A Side Hustler's Story of Personal Branding, Process and Organization with Alicia Beatrice

07/15/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

In this episode, our very own Organized Academy member Alicia Beatrice is joining us to talk all about her self-care journey.  We dig into her journey through a number of transitions as a single mom side-hustler.  

We also dig into her personal branding story and how it relates to social media, her process for writing her book and also for self-care evolution.  Alicia also shares her organizational wins and struggles she has had.    

During our lessons learned and mini-coaching conversation with Alicia we talked about:

  • How she went about sharing her story
  • The process of Journaling
  • How she started the process of writing her 3 books
  • Being a side-hustling Single Mom
  • How her mindset around organization has changed

You can connect with Alicia using the various methods provided below:

Connect with Alicia:

Connect with Black Family Business:

Book Series

  • Book #1:  From Exile to Embrace - 7 Secrets to Lead a Happier Life Through Forgiveness
  • Book #2:  From Exile to Embrace - Confessions of Successful Women Leaders
  • Book #3:  Crazy confessions Defeat Depression, Dodge Suicide and Dare to Live


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