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Learn More About The Ketogenic Lifestyle from Real People

02/08/19 | Dana LaRieal Morales

If you missed our Club Keto Live with Walter and Jasmine Thompson you missed a great treat!  They joined me to share their ketogenic lifestyle journey.  We discussed what started them on their keto weight-loss journey. 

We really got real about the state of health today and what we were surprised about after starting this journey.

Jasmineandwalter | DLMorales.com

I encourage you to listen to this Club Keto Live discussion.  It doesn't matter whether you have been thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle journey or some other plan. This talk will help motivate you to make a change in your life today.


About the Club Keto Community

Listen if we can do it I know you can do it.  We have a supportive community in Club Keto. The goal is to just make a positive change in your life and soul. We want you to live your healthiest, happiest and best life.

In Club Keto Walter and I share educational information on how to start the journey (from our experiences). We provide you with a beginners shopping guide as well as some winning recipes for our beginner and intermediate Members. All of these things and much more are available in Club Keto. If you would prefer more one on one assistance, feel free to schedule a strategy session with me. I will walk you through how to develop your keto plan.