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How Locticians and Stylists Can Improve their Systems and Processes - Blind Industry Audit Case Study

06/22/22 | Dana LaRieal Morales

In this episode, I conduct a blind industry audit for the beauty industry, specifically for Locticians and Stylists.

  We discuss:

  • Conduct a breakdown of the industry for those who may not be familiar

  • Walked through my review process as a Client - Note I really was looking for a loctician/stylist

  • The importance of positioning yourself as an expert

  • How understanding your target market makes a difference.

Note: I realized, after recording this episode, that I incorrectly referred to Traditional Locs as Dread Locs.  During a consult I went on after recording this episode, the stylist educated me about my misuse of the term "Dread Locs".  She explained that the use of the term "Traditional Locs" is preferred over "Dread Locs" in the community.   This exchange further displayed to me the importance of you as a beautician educating and positioning yourself as the expert that you are.  Your clients aren't going to know as much as you do about your craft.

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