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Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield - A Lessons Learned Conversation

08/06/20 | Dana LaRieal Morales

In today's conversation, we speak with Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield.  She shares her business journey of changing career paths and starting her entrepreneurial journey.  She also shares her personal journey of realizing her plan wasn't God's plan for her life and career. Lacrecia provides her real-life experience with THB's business and personal organizing services.  She gets honest about almost divorcing her business by second-guessing what she is supposed to be doing.  Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield digs in and talks about her experience with my Business Process Leaks 5-week Masterclass.  She shares how that helped her business restructuring process and taught her how to develop systems in her business.    Additionally, Lacrecia shares her experience with my personal organizing services, the truth about her organizing struggles and what she has learned.  And we talk frankly about her personal discussions with God about her life choices and so much more.   This is such an awesome conversation and I hope you get from it as much as I did. 

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