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Lauren Varlack - A Lessons Learned Conversation

08/27/20 | Dana LaRieal Morales | Lauren Varlack

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Varlack of Brand Ya Flava.  Lauren is a high school teaching, entrepreneurial building momma of 2 rambunctious boys of 10 and 7 years old. Brand Ya Flava came out of a need for women entrepreneurs like Lauren who felt it was better to hide in the shadows of their brands because they feared what others would say or think about their culture. Through some deep conversations and introspection, Lauren Varlack was able to realize that her story, personality, and way of teaching, her culture, just who they are is the very thing that makes her stand out—and she came to a full awareness of what branding truly is.  Lauren's mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to teach online with “Flava”, build their education business and create courses focused on transforming and impacting their students lives one lesson at a time. 

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