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Mary Nunaley - A Lessons Learned Conversation

10/29/20 | Dana LaRieal Morales

I have the pleasure of speaking with the primary owner of Lavender Dragon Team, Mary Nunaley. Lavender Dragon Team is a course creation company, that helps you bring your eLearning ideas to life. Mary considers herself to be a lifelong learner who is always trying something new and learning from her mistakes.

Today's episode is our finale episode of my 2020 Lessons Learned Conversation series. I am pleased to end it with such a fabulous conversation. in our conversation, we cover various topics and their holistic impact on you, your business and your home life.  We talked about life transitions and their impact.  We also discussed the importance of process and mindset. Oh and we of course dug into the best practices when it comes to course creation. As I said, this is truly a holistic conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Now, just to prepare you, around the 45 or 46 min mark, it's going to sound like you missed something. Well, the only thing you missed is zoom dropping in the middle of our conversation. The sound picks back up right where we rejoined the call, so don't worry, you aren't missing anything. 

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