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Guest Speaker Registration

Dana LaRieal Morales

About the Podcast

The goal of having guests on the Organized Holistically podcast is to show the human side of entrepreneurship and life. We will discuss organizational and process decisions you have personally made, both good and bad or that you have seen impacting others. Our conversation is organic, so we will go where the conversation leads us.  

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business a year or ten.  I want to share both entrepreneur and work-life balance lessons learned to help others who may be starting their business or going through similar things that you did (or are) on your journey. 

If you are interested in being a speaker for the Organized Holistically podcast, please complete the registration below.

I want to be a guest, but don't have a business?

Lessons learned can be obtained from all types of people, in all aspects of their life.  Organization and process aren’t just applied in a business.  You may be a professional who wants to speak on your personal growth journey or about getting your home organized.  You may even want to educate others about common issues you see in your line of work. The key is everyone has something to share with the world. 

My job prohibits me from speaking about what I do, how can I be a guest?

The first recommendation I’d have is to determine if you can speak about things in general terms instead of giving specific guidance.  That being said, most of our sessions are more about your journey into your career or your entrepreneurship, not necessarily specifics.  Tech Talks are more about the how-tos.  Additionally, I am looking for guests who want to talk about their success or struggles as it pertains to their home life or their personal growth and branding as well.  If any of these are a better fit definitely let's talk.

How many guests do you have and how long is your 2021 season?

The 2021 Season has 20 - 30 slots for guests.  My podcasting season runs from March 11th - September 23rd.


* Preferred Session Type (Check all that apply)
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DIY Business Owner (You prefer to tinker and learn to do things yourself)
Pay to Play Business Owner (You typically pay others to handle things for you)
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I struggle or have struggled with front-office process development/organization
I teach others process development and organization
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