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Project Management for Beginners

08/20/20 | Dana LaRieal Morales

Project management is often over complicated, but is also over simplified too. My intention with this episode is to help beginner Project Managers or those filling PM roles the most important tips that will help you be successful.Today's episode was prompted by a question from listener Tiffany who has recently been selected to lead several projects in her office and she has no formal project management experience. She needs to learn quickly because the project kicks off very soon. She wanted to know if I had any tips or templates that I could share with her to help her during this transition. This is a common issue because many times in your role as a professional you are often asked to fill the role of a project manager without actually having any formal training. It's an add-on to your normal responsibilities. As a side-hustling entrepreneur, you often need to manage your business projects in the same way that I would run a project for a corporation. By learning these concepts it will improve your success rates within your business and at work. Organized Academy's Project Management training module

Topics we will be covering include, but are not limited to: 

  • Requirements Documents
  • AIR Log/Backlog
  • Project Management Tools
  • Communication Plans
  • Collaboration Tools
  • And more...
You can join Organized Academy as a founding member and have access to the project management training modules including much much more for $25 a month.  

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