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From Burnout to Dream to Reality - An Entrepreneurs Journey with Emma of Authenticity Remastered

08/05/21 | Dana LaRieal Morales

Today I am bringing you an awesome conversation between me and Emma Ehrenzeller of Authenticity Remastered. She shares her journey from living in India to deciding to become an Entrepreneur. In our conversation, we talk all about the struggles and realities of being an entrepreneur and guys we got really transparent.  We talked about understanding the dream and idea of what the entrepreneurial journey looks like vs. the reality of it.

We shifted from burnout to setting realistic goals, to the ultimate need for authenticity. So truth be told this one sits a little different because we both had a few aha moments during the conversation and it was so refreshing.  So lean in, listen and then connect on social to join the conversation.  

During our conversation we talked about:

  • The why and initial how she entered her entrepreneurial journey
  • What her transition from idea to full-time entrepreneur looked like
  • The struggles she had once she became an entrepreneur
  • The overall reality of authenticity both mentally and in the social media environment/space

Connect with Emma:


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